2024 Agenda


*All times are in EST


Fri 12

7:00pm -8:30pm

Welcome reception


Sat 13

8:15AM -8:25AM

Welcome & introduction
Gareth Morgan & Ola Landgren

8:25AM -10:50AM

Session 1: Genomics 2024
Chairs: Brian Walker & Leif Bergsagel

  • An all-genetic classifier and AI based prognostic scores: Francesco Maura
  • The genetic basis for racial disparity in MM: Kylee MacLachlan
  • scATACseq of Waldenström macroglobulinaemia: Gareth Morgan
  • NSD2 as a therapeutic target: Yubao Wang
  • The t(4:14) and apoptosis: Lawrence Boise
  • Epigenetic data from CoMMpass: Benjamin Barwick

Panel discussion

  • Hyper APOBEC MM: Marios Papadimitriou
  • The ncGenome in MM: Patrick Blaney
  • Tumor suppressor gene inactivation in MM: Bachisio Ziccheddu
  • Membrane markers as targets in the t(4:14): Arun Wiita
  • Bringing genomics to the clinic: Sarah Gooding

Panel discussion: Using genomic targets in MM

10:50AM -11:10AM


11:10AM -12:30PM

Session 2: Resistance mechanisms
Chairs: Francesco Maura & Niels Weinhold

  • PHF19 a tudor domain protein and HRMM: Brian Walker
  • Chr1q in the evolution to HR MM: Monika Chojnacka
  • Mechanisms of resistance to bispecifics: Paola Neri
  • Lenalidomide resistance: Charlotte Pawlyn
  • Transcriptional resistance to IMiD: Leif Bergsagel
  • Genomic profiling of treated SMM: Benjamin Diamond

Panel discussion: addressing drug resistance

12:30PM -1:30PM


1:30PM -2:50PM

Session 3: Biological basis of therapy                                                               
Chairs: Charlotte Pawlyn & Felipe Prósper

  • Treatment of high-risk myeloma: Robert Orlowski
  • The Vk*MYC mouse model: Marta Chesi
  • Pre-clinical models of MM: José Ángel Martínez-Climent
  • Spatial transcriptomics: Niels Weinhold
  • Epigenetic and microenvironment drivers of disease progression in MM: Felipe Prósper
  • Microenvironment-mediated resistance to treatment: Madhav Dhodapkar

Panel discussion: future strategies for myeloma management

2:50PM -3:10PM


3:10PM -4:10PM

Session 4: MMRF update session
Chairs: George Mulligan & Hearn Jay Cho

  • MyDRUG trial – status and learnings: Noa Biran
  • CoMMpass at 13 – the gift that keeps giving: Lawrence Boise
  • Immune Atlas – insights and challenges: Manoj Bhasin
  • MMRF clinical and translational research strategy: George Mulligan

 Panel discussion

4:10PM -5:20PM

Session 5: Clinical trial updates
Chairs: Marc Raab & Ola Landgren

  • Moving clinical trials forward towards a cure: Saad Usmani
  • Strategies for the clinical evaluation of bispecifics: Ola Landgren
  • Belantamab mafodotin in the treatment of MM: Suzanne Trudel
  • Isatuximab combinations for the treatment of MM: Thomas Martin
  • The role of bisphosphonates in the context of combination therapies and deep response: Suzanne Lentzsch

Panel discussion: questions for clinical trials

5:20PM -5:30PM

Day 1 conclusions


Sun 14

9:00AM -10:15AM

Session 6:  Novel Targets Part 2
Chairs: Paola Neri & Faith Davies                                                                                

  • Synergistic antitumor activity of alnuctamab and CELMoDs: Paula Rodríguez-Otero
  • Oncogenic RAS mutations as drivers of MM: Ryan Young
  • Targeting RAS with monobodies: Faith Davies
  • Targeting plasma cell metabolism: Mala Shanmugam
  • CL 131 (Iopofosine I-131) in RRMM: Sikander Ailawadhi

Panel discussion: developing novel targets for the clinic

10:15AM -10:35AM


10:35AM -11:55AM

Session 7: Debates in MM
Chairs: Ola Landgren & David Avigan

1. We should risk stratify

For risk stratification: Saad Usmani         

For one size fits all: Gareth Morgan

2. Bi-specifics vs CAR-T

For bispecifics: Marc Raab

For CAR-T: David Avigan

3. Short vs long duration therapy with bispecifics

For long duration: Ola Landgren           

For short duration: Hermann Einsele            

Panel discussion

11:55AM -1:20PM

Session 8: T-Cell Engagers: data session
Chairs: Paula Otero & Hans Lee

  • Innovative CAR-T designs and targets: Hermann Einsele
  • GPRC5D TCE resistance mechanisms: Nizar Bahlis
  • Elranatamab: Nizar Bahlis
  • ADC in the MM context: Hans Lee
  • CAR-T developments: Yi Lin
  • Developing the use of bispecific antibodies: Paula Rodríguez-Otero
  • Clinical management of CAR-T agents and their use in older adults: Ciara Freeman

Panel discussion: optimizing the use of bispecifics and CAR-T in the clinic

1:20PM -1:30PM

Summary & closing remarks