The 2024 agenda will be available closer to the time of the meeting.

2023 agenda:

Friday, 17th March, 2023 

Welcome Reception 6:30pm 

Saturday 18th March, 2023; DAY 1  

Introduction: Gareth Morgan & Keith Stewart 9:00am-9:10am 

Overview lecture I; Gareth Morgan 9:10am-9:30am 

Biology of HR       

Session I: Genomics 2022               9:30am-10.50am 

Chairs: Francesco Maura and Leif Bergsagel 

  • The genomics of and definition of SMM; Leif Bergsagel 
  • Utility of mutational and copy number signatures as prognostic factors; Kylee MacLachlan 
  • Time of origin and evolutionary trajectories to MM; Francesco Maura       
  • Molecular definitions of High-risk MM and their utility for trial entry; Jill Corre 
  • Clonal substructure and drivers of MM relapse; Niels Weinhold

Panel Discussion: What’s next in Genomics                                                          10:20 am-10:50am 

Coffee Break 10:50am-11:10am 

Session II: Overview lecture II;  Irene Ghobrial 11:10am-11:30am 

Resistance mechanisms mediated via the Microenvironment  

Chairs: Irene Ghobrial and Niels Weinhold 11:30am – 12:50pm 

  • Therapy resistance and utility of targeting apoptosis in MM; Lawrence Boise 
  • Microenvironment-mediated resistance to treatment; Madhav Dhodapkar 
  • Revlimid resistance as a clinical and biological entity; Charlotte Pawlyn 
  • Sequencing and IMiD resistance; Sarah Gooding 
  • Resistance and side effects of TCE-bispecifics; Samir Parekh
  • Immune dependent mechanisms leading to resistance to T cell Engagers in Myeloma; Paola Neri 

 Panel Discussion: Overcoming Drug resistance 12:30pm-12:50pm 

 LUNCH 12:50pm -1:50pm   

Session III: Novel targets 1.  

 Overview lecture III; Jesus San-Miguel 1:50pm-2:15pm 

How to incorporate MRD in clinical trials and routine practice

 Chairs: Charlotte Pawlyn and María-Victoria Mateos 2:15pm – 3:35pm 

  • Using the Vk*MYC mouse model to understand early stages of myelomagenesis;  Marta Chesi 
  • Pre-clinical MM models for predicting clinical immunotherapy outcomes; José Ángel Martínez Climent
  • Utility of Epigenetic analysis of MM plasma cells; Felipe Prosper  
  • Novel risk scores and endpoints for trials in SMM trials; Maria-Victoria Mateos 
  • • The biology of remission and of a high-risk microenvironment; Bruno Paiva 

Panel Discussion: Future strategies for myeloma management                3:05pm-3:35pm 

Break: 3:35pm -3:50pm  

Overview lecture IV; Keith Stewart 3:50pm – 4:10pm 

The future of MM therapy  

Session IV: The future of myeloma therapy: 4:10pm-5:15pm
Chairs: Rafael Fonseca and George Mulligan  

  • The clinical utility of frailty in clinical trial designs; Claudia Stege
  • Translational studies associated with current and planned trials of MM in the USA; Brian Walker 
  • Translational studies associated with current and planned trials of MM in Europe; Martin Kortüm 
  • Recent developments from trials of isatuximab; Fredrik Schjesvold 

Group Discussion: Response and MRD directed therapy and in the clinic 4:50pm – 5:15pm 

Wrap up and end Day1 5:15pm-5:20pm 

Day 2 Sunday 19th March, 2023  

Session V:  Novel Targets 2:                                                 09:00am-10:20am 

Chairs: Elena Zamagni and Paola Neri

  • Utilising imaging modalities as endpoints in clinical trials; Elena Zamagni 
  • The role of Iberdomide and Mezigomide in 2023 and beyond; Nizar Bahlis 
  • Other therapeutic vulnerabilities (Modakafusp, PDCs, BCL2 inhibitors…); Enrique Ocio
  • Innovative CAR-T designs and targets; Carlos Fernández de Larrea

Panel Discussion:  Developing novel targets for the clinic. 09:50am-10:10am 

Coffee Break 10:10am-10:30am 

Session VI: Debate curing MM and how to achieve it 10:30am-11:25am 

Chairs:  Gareth Morgan 

  • European Perspective; Pieter Sonneveld  
  • US Perspective; Sagar Lonial  

Panel Discussion 10:55am-11:25am 

Overview Lecture V; Maria-Victoria Mateos 11:25am-11:45am 

T-cell engaging therapy  

Session VII: T-Cell Engagers: 11:45am-1:15pm 

Chairs: Maria-Victoria Mateos and Eric Smith

Update session on bispecifics and CAR-T cell therapy

  • Teclistamab; Suzanne Trudel
  • Elranatamab; Nizar Bahlis
  • Ide-cel; Yi Lin
  • Cilta-cel; Adam Cohen
  • Talquetamab; Paula Rodriguez
  • GPRC5D CAR T-cells; Eric Smith

Panel Discussion – Optimizing the use of Bi-specifics and CAR-T in the clinic 12:45pm-1:15pm 

Summary and close of iwMyeloma 2023 1:15-1:30pm
Gareth Morgan, Keith Stewart  


iwMyeloma Scientific Committee: 

Keith Stewart (Co-Chair) USA, Gareth Morgan (Co-Chair) USA
Kenneth Anderson USA, Leif Bergsagel USA, Irene Ghobrial USA, Ola Langdren USA, Sagar Lonial USA, Maria-Victoria Mateos Spain, Jesus San-Miguel Spain, Pieter Sonneveld NL 

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