Friday: September 25, 2020

10:00-11:30 (EST)

Session I: Genomics and epigenomics of MM:
Chairs: Gareth Morgan & Ola Landgren

  • 1q and the pathogenesis of MM; Samir Parekh
  • Mutational signatures and the evolution of MM; Francesco Maura
  • Insights from functional genomics in MM; Constantine Mitsiades
  • Evolving insights into the t(4;14); Gareth Morgan
  • The clinical and molecular relationship of MGUS and MM; Ola Landgren

Panel Discussion:
 Chairs and invited speakers


Session II: Novel Targets
Chairs: Ken Anderson & Maria V Mateos

  • Strategies targeting super enhancers in MM; Wee Joo
  • Update on ubiquitin ligases, Celmods and new IMiDs; Ken Anderson
  • Anti-BCMA and other immunoconjugates; Suzanne Trudel
  • Targeting MCL1 and BCL2 inhibition; Larry Boise
  • Therapeutic trials in MGUS and SMM; Maria V Mateos
  • PIKfyve- a novel target in Myeloma; Keith Stewart
  • Endpoints and therapy options for amyloidosis; Suzanne Lentzsch

Panel Discussion:
Chairs and invited speakers

End Scientific Session, Day 1

Saturday: September 26, 2020


Session III: Evaluating new therapies
Chairs: Ivan Borrello & Irene Ghobriel

  • The MM niche, quiescence and BMP6; Sarah Gooding
  • Single cell analysis of myeloma and its microenvironment; Irene Ghobrial
  • Pre-clinical disease models of MM; Marta Chiesi
  • The current therapeutic standard for MM; Pieter Sonneveld
  • Molecular and clinical definitions of high-risk MM; Leif Bergsagel
  • Genetic changes associated with relapse; Jonathan Keats

Panel Discussion:
Chairs and invited speakers  


Session IV: T-cell engagement strategies:
Chairs: Hermann Einsele & Yi Lin

  • Clinical data and trial data on bi-specific antibodies for MM; Hermann Einsele
  • Clinical data and trial update of anti-BCMA CAR-Ts; Yi Lin
  • Optimizing and manufacturing CAR-T constructs; Eric Smith
  • Mechanisms of resistance to immune oncology drugs; Leo Rasche

Panel Discussion:
Chairs and invited speakers

End Scientific Session, Day 2 – End of Meeting



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