Thursday: March 25, 2021

10:00-10:10 (EST)

Introduction: Gareth Morgan & Kenneth Anderson

10:00 AM-12:00 AM

Session 1: Drug resistance and High-Risk    

Overview lecture 1: Drug resistant and high-risk MM; Gareth Morgan  
Chairs: Gareth Morgan & Irene Ghobrial   

  • Genomics of SMM; Irene Ghobrial
  • Molecular definitions of high-risk; Leif Bergsagel
  • Melphalan signatures; Francesco Maura
  • Genomics of relapse; Niels Weinhold
  • Segmentation at presentation and relapse; Jonathon Keats
  • Genetic resistance to IMiDs; Sarah Gooding

Panel Discussion Q&A:
Panellists: Gareth Morgan, Irene M. Ghobrial, Ola Landgren, Jonathan Keats, Leif Bergsagel, Francesco Maura, Niels Weinhold, Saad Usmani, Sarah Gooding


12:00 AM-12:45 PM

Consensus panel discussion on high-risk multiple myeloma
Co-chairs: Daniel Auclair and Gareth Morgan

Panellists: Irene Ghobrial, Ola Landgren, Saad Usmani, Charlotte Pawlyn, Francesca Gay, Pieter Sonneveld

Discussion points: Standardising the definition of high-risk; Criteria for molecular markers; Incorporating markers into trials; Standardised treatment HR; Drug resistance and its management.



12:45 PM-12:50 PM

Five-minute Break


12:50 AM-2:50 PM

Session 2: Management of older patients and SMM
Overview lecture 2: The clinical management of older patients; Sonja Zweegman
Chairs: Maria-V Mateos & Charlotte Pawlyn

  • Is there a role for genetic assessment in older patients; Eileen Boyle
  • Design of elderly trials and geriatric risk scores; Charlotte Pawlyn
  • Managing elderly patients; Alessandra Larocca
  • Mass spec for monitoring MRD; Angela Dispenzieri
  • Interventions and update on current clinical trials for SMM; Maria-V Mateos
  • MGUS in Iceland; Sigurdur Kristinsson
  • The role of anti-CD38 for AL amyloidosis; Suzanne Lentzsch

Panel Discussion Q&A: The clinical management of older frail and SMM patients
Panellists: Maria-V Mateos, Charlotte Pawlyn, Suzanne Lentzsch, Sonja Zweegman, , Eileen Boyle, Graham Jackson, Alessandra Larocca, Sigurdur Kristinsson, Angela Dispenzieri


2:35 PM

Day 1 Conclusions & Wrap Up


Friday: March 26, 2021

10:00 AM - 10:10AM (EST)

Introduction: Gareth Morgan

10:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Session 3: The clinical application of T-cell engagers in MM

Overview lecture 3: The clinical application of T-cell engagers in MM; Ajai Chiari
Chairs: Kenneth Anderson & Hermann Einsele

  • Role of BCMA targeted ADC and bi-specifics; Sagar Lonial
  • Available targets and overview of Car-T; Ruben Niesvizky
  • Deletions of BCMA as a marker of resistance; Leo Rasche
  • Can TCE overcome high-risk; Rafael Fonseca
  • Early and late complications of TCE including CarT and bispecifics; Samir Parekh
  • Combination immunotherapies; Kenneth Anderson

Panel Discussion Q&A: The clinical application of T-cell engagers in MM
Panellists: Kenneth Anderson, Hermann Einsele, Sagar Lonial, Niels van den Donk, Ruben Niesvizky, Leo Rasche, Adam Cohen, Alfred Garfell, Ajai Chiari


12:15 PM - 2:20 PM

Session 4: Cure and the management of younger patients.

Overview lecture 4: Cure and the management of younger patients; Jesus San Miguel
Chairs: Faith Davies & Pieter Sonneveld

  • The role of ASCT, tandem ASCT and consolidation; Francesca Gay
  • Chemo-free approaches to cure: Ola Landgren
  • Current and future of management of HR: melphalan flufenamide in rMM; Pieter Sonneveld
  • Stamina trial update; Sergio Giralt
  • Role of consolidation; Philippe Moreau
  • Maintenance strategies: ixazomib; Faith Davies

Panel Discussion Q&A: Cure and the management of younger patients
Panellists: Faith Davies, Pieter Sonneveld, Jesus San Miguel, Francesca Gay, Ola Landgren, Rafael Fonseca, Sergio Giralt, Philippe Moreau


2:20 PM

Day 2 Conclusions & Wrap Up


Saturday: March 27, 2021

10:00 AM - 10:10 AM (EST)

Introduction: Keith Stewart & Sagar Lonial

10:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Session 5: The development and integration of novel targets.

Overview lecture 5: The development and integration of novel targets: Keith Stewart
Chairs: David Siegel & Keith Stewart

  • MCL1, BCL2 inhibition and 1q amp; Larry Boise
  • Resistance to protein degraders; Constantine Mitsiades
  • MRD, Master study and therapy cessation; Luciano Costa
  • Biology of residual clones; Bruno Paiva
  • antiCD38 combinations; Peter Voorhees
  • Nuclear exportin inhibitors; Nizar Bahlis

Panel Discussion: The development and integration of novel targets
Panel Chairs: Keith Stewart, David Siegel, Larry Boise, Peter Voorhees, Meletios Dimopoulos, Shaji Kumar, Luciano Costa, Mohamed Mohty


12:15 PM - 2:20 PM

Session 6: T-Cell Engagement Strategies in 2021; current data.

Overview lecture 5: T-Cell Engagement Strategies in 2021; current data: Ed Stadtmauer
Chairs: Ed Stadtmauer

  • BCMA CART (BMS); Yi Lin
  • BCMA CART (J and J); Deepu Madduri
  • GPRC5D; Niels van den Donk
  • FCRHL5; Adam Cohen
  • AMG 420 BiTE molecule; Max Topp
  • Managing Side effects and integration with existing approaches; Nina Shah

Panel Discussion: T-Cell Engagement Strategies in 2021
Panel Chairs: Ed Stadtmauer, Yi Lin Deepu Madduri, Niels van den Donk, Adam Cohen, Nina Shah


2:20 PM

Summary and Close of iwMyeloma 2021
Gareth Morgan & Kenneth Anderson

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