Past Meetings

1q and the pathogenesis of MM

Samir Parekh

Mutational signatures and the evolution of MM

Francesco Maura

Evolving insights into the t(4;14)

Gareth Morgan

Update on ubiquitin ligases, Celmods and new IMiDs

Ken Anderson

Targeting MCL1 and BCL2 inhibition

Larry Boise

Therapeutic trials in MGUS and SMM

Maria V Mateos

PIKfyve- a novel target in Myeloma

Keith Stewart

The MM niche, quiescence and BMP6

Sarah Gooding

Single cell analysis of myeloma and its microenvironment

Irene Ghobrial

The current therapeutic standard for MM

Pieter Sonneveld

Molecular and clinical definitions of high-risk MM

Leif Bergsagel

Genetic changes associated with relapse

Jonathan Keats

Clinical data and trial data on bispecific antibodies for MM

Hermann Einsele

Clinical data and trial update of anti-BCMA CAR-Ts

Yi Lin

Optimizing and manufacturing CAR-T constructs

Eric Smith

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